Posted by Kuku on 10:10 AM

So now, according to this NYT article, the Sudanese Defense Minister admitted that the Government's armed forces were responsible for the attack on UNAMID forces, in direct contradiction of the UN Ambassador. 


Military: 1 -- 0 Diplomacy

This doesn't bode well for the UN Rep, his credibility nor the situation on the ground. It isn't the first time this happens. 

The Defense Minister, though not denying the claim that his forces were responsible for this attack, he " shares the blame" with the UNAMID forces, because they did not "announce their route." However, his ministry was cordial enough to provide an apology. According to SUNA "The Western Sudan Military Command has provided an apology to the representative of UNAMID in the region and ... the apology was accepted, in recognition of the dual mistake committed." I am glad everything was cleared up so quickly. (PLEASE!!!)


H.a.T. said...

clearly this is why the so called "peace process" isn't going anywhere. I would like to understand their frame of mind, cuz their current tactics aren't beneficial to either side, so what's the deal with the GoS officials!

AK said...

Good Point. I think they are just trying to continue with their stall tactics, and if it has to be physically attacking the UNAMID forces, then so be it.