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Marhaba! The Palestinian refugees have arrived. Read this and this (an earlier post of mine).
Best quote in the world:

 "While the Sudanese presidential advisor Mustafa Osman Ismail told the press that Sudan was ready to receive and host two thousand Palestinian refugees in the area of Soba in Khartoum State. He said all services including water, electricity and transportation have been provided in the area. He stressed that the Palestinian refugees would be treated on equal footing as the Sudanese subjects in all service domains."
I am seriously insulted! I dare him to go and say that out in Soba itself, or Mayo or Jebel Awliya where tens of thousands of Sudanese "citizens" are living in conditions not fit for animals. This is utterly despicable and should be stopped. But I know that the Sudanese cabal will find someway of spinning this and making the people accept it. 

When did they even manage to connect the area with electricity and water? The people in the IDPs camps have been there for more than 20 years and the government doesn't even give a crap. Too bad they're just too black or kuffar for the government to give a crap (I know that seems too simple, but ask any of the people living in these camps, and that is what they'll tell you the reasons for their living standards are).

What's next? Free (higher) education and satellite dishes for all?


Don Cox said...

It doesn't say in that Tribune story that they have actually arrived.Read the last paragraph again. Also I notice a linked story saying there are only 310 of them, not 2500, and most do not want to go to Sudan. They want to go to Palestine, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Once again another insult to black dignity.


sudanreturnee said...


Somehow, I missed this story and did not know about it until I read it here.

For a person like myself who has lived in them 'camps' outside Khartoum under conditions unimaginable to most, I find this offensive that 'our' government could do something like that to us, more so than to the Palestinians.

This is dishearting...