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So I've been in Khartoum for about three weeks now, and I forgot what the sky is supposed to look like. It is absolutely crazy, this time of year, the sky is literally a light brown/yellowish color. Sometimes, there is so much dust that one can literally stare at the sun, without feeling any discomfort, as if it were the moon. It is somewhat depressing. This, along with the 45° (c)/114° (f) average temperature is not a very good combination. You would think that the dust blocking the sun would cool things down, no luck.

(Dusty) Khartoum Sunset

A relative of mine said that "Sudan is not suitable for human life," something that was funny and is kind of true. I understand that there are places that are as hot and dusty, but Sudan is pretty bad. However, it is still Sudan to me and with all its shortcomings, it is my favorite place to be. I don't know what it is, but I think if you ask any Sudanese ex-pat, they would prefer Sudan over where they've decided to live. They might find comfort and better services in the country they live in, but there is something about one's home that can not be explained.

Beautiful Khartoum

Thankfully, most other parts of the year are less dusty (and sometimes less hot).


anton said...

hi, im in 8th grade and im doing some research on Khartoum for this science project and i wanted to know the monthly average temperatures in khartoum in (F) all the ones i can find are in (c). please respond, thanx

anton said...

i like your pix btw

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about this place,

i have been there so many times i cant even count. i love the red sky so much it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. It is my favorite place on this earth. I love how people are so friendly and kind and proud. I love the smell of the air. I love how when im there i am so happy it's scary. i love the warm air. It makes me feel so cozy. I was born in khartoum and i would love more than anything, not to feel so far from the land i love and the people i adore. The people i love so much i cant talk to them on the phone without crying. I am lonely here in america. I have my parents and my siblings but when i'm in sudan my whole family make me want to be a better person. So say what you will about this paradise but you must take into consideration that if a young person like me is willing to go through the mosquito bites, the heat, the power outages, the water outages, and the immensly difficult task of leaving such a place, then this world must be more than an inhabitable wasteland. This is my HOME!