Posted by Kuku on 2:44 AM

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AU Peacekeepers in Darfur

So is this a move in the right direction? Absolutely!

However, the "international community" i.e. the US has been focusing too much of its effort to help "resolve" this conflict on its military aspect. I see it like this, the security and humanitarian situations are the side effects of the real issues of politics, economics and the environment. The United States should however be commended on its efforts on the humanitarian front. I it is the biggest donor to the affected persons in Darfur. This conflict can only be resolved if the the international community puts equal and tangible pressure on both the government and the rebels.

Food Aid from the United States

Without regionally (or even internationally) mediated peace talks that are meant to resolve the roots of this conflict, all the efforts taken on the security and humanitarian fronts will have been wasted. It is imperative that the African Union play a pivotal role in these talks. So much is said by so many African leaders that "Africa's problems should be solved by Africans." Well, it is time for Africa and Africans to step up.

Hopefully, we will witness more positive developments on this issue.